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Alexei Bondarev- outstanding Russian saxophonist

Alexei is a professional saxophonist who has been immersed in music for most of his life. He studied classical music in elementary school for 5 years, followed by studies at Tambov conservatory and finally at university as a teacher of wind instruments, conducting, as well as arranging for wood-wind and jazz orchestra. Later he worked as a professor of saxophone.  His professional carreer as a musician has varied a great deal.

At first, Alexei was a member of a prestigious Moscow Army Orchestra in Russia, where he was born. He performed on 9th May at a military parade in Red Square, welcoming presidential figures and various other events. At the same time, he has always pursued his true love-jazz, pop and latino music, which he has been playing professionally in the Czech Republic since 1999.

 Alexei has worked with many music bands, such as jazz band; That´s it, jazz duo with Felix Borecký, swing band; Charles bridge, Brazilian band; André Sáh and Sambaiando, Braziliando or as a guest in larger bands playing Cuban music (Santy y su marabú, Mezcla and Atarés). 


  • Jazz dock club
  • American Embassy (Via Bona nomination evening)
  • Žofín, Mánes
  • Villa Richter at the Prague Castle (opening night in the presence of the Czech president with his wife)
  • Památník národního písemnictví
  • Hotel Barceló, Zlatý Anděl, Movenpick, Hilton, President, Augustin, Intercontinental
  • restaurant Le Patio, U Supa, U Pavouka, Ambiente Brasileiro,
  • Mediterranean market in Prague
  • Jazz boat Praha, boat Andante,
  • Nomination of Music Awards Anděl,
  • Lucerna, GolfYacht Club, Martinic Palace,
  • Lobkowicz Palace
  • Municipal House
  • Aqua Palace, Film Festival Febio Fest
  • hotel  Sen
  • Pod Lampou club
  • Žluté Lázně and many others